Learning Achievement Center Marblehead reviews

“Just a quick note to thank you for setting up the tutoring to work with Henry. Cynical going in, Henry thought the sessions were invaluable and enjoyed them. I will let you know how he makes out.

FYI, you’ll see Henry again next fall as he plans to do SAT prep at Learning Achievement with his friend Aaron.” – M.P. Marblehead

“Alec needed a 2200 overall score on his SAT to get a scholarship to Harvard. You didn’t give up and neither did Alec. With your help and encouragement he started as a freshman this fall. Job well done.” – A.C. Marblehead

“How did you do it? We tried another program with poor results. You increased my son’s SAT score by 200 points. We thought it couldn’t be done — you proved how great your hands on personalized approach is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – M.D. Marblehead

“My 7th grade daughter is a very good math student, but she is not achieving the level of performance I expect. I teach computer science and know what she needs to learn to succeed in today’s high tech world. Her teacher recommended you as a place my daughter could receive enrichment in her math skills. That turned out to be more than correct! My daughter was so engaged and excited to go for every session. She is now working at the 9th grade level in math. I plan to keep her going to LAC. I don’t want her to lose what she has gained and her teacher agrees.” – C.F. Nahant

“Don’t try to take the SAT test unless you spend some time with the teachers at the Learning Achievement Centers. My class had only 3 students. They know the test and will teach you how to succeed.” – G.W. Swampscott

“My son came home and was HAPPY and positive about how the tutoring session went. Thank you Thank you!! He has some heavy duty football action coming up and we are very grateful for your flexibility in adjusting the schedule to meet his availability. Again thank you.” -K.W. Swampscott

“I thought that you’d like to know that Jordan was accepted to The Juilliard School this past week. Thank you for all your help.” – C.C. Marblehead

“My daughter was in danger of failing of all things sophomore English! A friend suggested tutoring with you. Your reading and English teacher did the trick. My daughter now knows the parts of speech and how to construct a good sentence. You guys are the best.” – M.S. Swampscott

“You and your SSAT Prep program are unbelievable! How do you limit classes to 3 students? My daughter’s scores went up beyond our wildest expectation. Everything I heard about you is true.” – K.A. Salem

“I was a less that enthusiastic student and so is my 8th grade son. He needed overall academic support. You created a program just for him that brought him out of his slump and created a happy motivated child. We will be with you for several school years. Thanks for all the hard work.” – H.E. Marblehead

“We tried in-home tutoring and another tutoring center, but LAC is the only one that worked. Your emphasis on what is being done in the classroom was very effective in raising my son’s grades. Your flexible schedules allowed my son to continue his after school activities and still get the help he needed. Keep up the good work.” – D.P. Marblehead

“Your help with planning a course of study for my daughter was spot on. She is my first child to go through this and I had no idea what was involved. You made it possible for her to do well on the SAT and still have time to take the subject tests this spring as required by her first choice college. We’ll be back to prep for those tests too.” – W.W. Nahant

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