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School stops for summer, but learning never does. Recent studies show that students lose 34% of their reading skills and 50% of their math skills over the long sunny summer. We want students to get more that a tan in the summer time. Learning Achievement Center offer a variety of programs designed to keep student skills ready for the start of school in September.

reading writing camp north shore maReading & Writing Camp

  1. Strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills using narrative text, expository text, and poetry.
  2. Multiple choice questions
  3. Open ended questions
  4. Independent writing in response to prompts

math camp summer tutoring learning achievement center

Math Camps

  1. Meet the grade specific needs of students using step by step example problems
  2. Multiple choice problems
  3. Open ended problems

Camps offer students a fun way to sharpen skills they have and learn new topics in preparation for school in the fall. We do not need to follow the school curriculum in the summer so lots of fun things are offered.

Students begin their summer with a list of books to read and a math packet to complete. We help our students finish these tasks in a timely manner and still have time for fun in the sun. It is important that they are ready for fall and can begin the new year on a high note. Having their summer assignments completed is the difference between a happy prepared student and one who is headed for trouble.

Get Wicked Awesome Test Scores!

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Summer is also an ideal time to prepare for high school or college entrance exams. Eighth graders who plan to take the SSAT of HSPT in the fall need to prepare over the summer. Junior year of high school is very busy. Juniors should lighten their load and prepare for the SAT or ACT over the summer. Our summer SAT/ACT prep courses are completed in the summer months, but are designed with a review period just before the test date chosen to refresh skills and renew tactics and strategies.