“Do I really need to take the SAT or ACT?” is a question often asked.

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There is so much bad or erroneous information out there that some facts are required –

Fact 1: even if you have trouble with tests in school you can still be successful on the SAT/ACT. It is only another test which is predictable and teachable. Prepare for the test with a great test prep program like that at Learning Achievement Center. Develop a test strategy and specific tactics which work for you. Take several complete and timed tests for practice. With a good coach and lots of practice you can go to the test confident that you prepared for whatever they throw at you because you have seen it all ready.

Fact 2: Scores do count on your college application. SAT/ACT test scores are where colleges begin when looking at the thousands of applications received each year. Many good students are not considered for admission because they fall under a minimum score set by that college. Colleges also consider grades, community involvement, sports, and the essay, but you first have to get looked at based on the test scores.

Fact 3: There are many on line options available to prepare for the SAT/ACT test, but this is not enough. To score high a student needs to develop a plan for taking the test that can only be achieved with the help of a qualified coach who knows the strengths and weaknesses of each student so strong areas can be capitalized on the weak areas can be avoided.

Fact 4: Students shy away from the, often thought of easier, ACT test because of the science section. In truth the science section of the ACT is nothing more than another reading test with charts and graphs. You do not need to know anything about the science if you read carefully and handle the science as you would in a biology or chemistry lab report. Time is the biggest challenge here.

Fact 5: The essay part of both the SAT and ACT are optional and do not affect the final score so why take it. The truth is you do not need to do the essay at all unless one of the colleges you are applying to require it. We recommend that you take it one time with the essay and additional tests without – that way you are covered.

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