A sunburn is not the only thing to worry about over the summer

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All too often parents find it difficult to get their children to spent time reading or doing their math packet over the summer. This is part of the reason students lose 35% of their reading ability and 50% of their math skills over the summer. Early fall is the time to recover what has been lost and set students up for a successful school year. Teachers expect their students to be able to build on what they know. This cannot happen on a weak or missing foundation. Don’t let the students in your life fall behind before the even get started. Kick start you students school year with some review and skill building with a qualified tutor.

  1. Charles Hansell

    Every year in August I get many calls about needing help with the summer math packet due on the 1st day of school. It was lost or forgotten. Get help in July and August and make it painless, less expensive and a better learning experience. Classes start July 11, 2017.

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