SAT SSAT ACT HSPT test prep north shore ma


High School and College entrance exam test Preparation at the Learning Achievement Center is like no other. All instruction is tutorial style with emphasis on personal test strategies to manage the unique features of these very important tests.

SAT/ACT/ SSAT/HSPT (Catholic High School Entrance exam) are standardized tests students should not take cold. Learning Achievement Center limits the number of students in a prep class to only 3 students. There are no large groups of 15 or 20 students who do not get the attention they need. Having a group of only 3 students encourages a relaxed personal learning environment. Each student in this small group can get the attention required to develop a personal strategy for success on their test.

All Learning Achievement Center test prep courses are taught by professional teachers with many years of experience teaching the disciplines needed to know the material required. The verbal sections and math sections are taught by different teachers skilled in their particular area. They know how to teach the tactics and strategies needed for success on these tests.

We believe that students need time to truly learn how to be successful on these very difficult tests. Our prep courses meet only once each week for about three months prior to the test. Test prep over a longer time avoids the poor learning experience from exam cram type programs. Our students have the time to practice the skills learned and relearn what may be a weak area for them. A longer test prep learning cycle makes it possible for our students to keep up with their daily classroom assignments and still prep for their test. This unique scheduling even allows for sports and other extra-curriculum activities.

“Alec needed a 2200 overall score on his SAT to get a scholarship to Harvard. You didn’t give up and neither did Alec. With your help and encouragement he started as a freshman this fall. Job well done.” – A.C. Marblehead